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Badminton coaching video - back hand forecourt double action net shot disguise

USE: It is not all players that are confident enough to use these kind of trick shots, but it is very important that coaches encourages players into trying, and also being okay with making mistakes. This trick shot develops finger feeling and control and at especially timing with the shuttle. NOTICE: Player looks as playing a flat lift or push, and just before hitting the shuttle player pulls ba...

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Jump smash tips by Peter Rasmussen

This is a nice video giving useful tips as well as vital elements for performing the jump smash, sho...

Chinese National Team Jump Smash Practice

Chinese National Team Jump Smash Practice, see if you can identify the players.

Peter Gade training with multishuttle feeding for men's singles

This is a video capture showing multishuttle training with Peter Gade (Denmark), one of the most suc...


Jump smash tips by Peter Rasmussen

This is a nice video giving useful tips as well as vital elements for performing the jump smash, shown by Peter Rasmussen (Denmark), 1997 Men\'s Singles World Champion.

Maybe the most amazing 'defense' in badminton history by Marc Zwiebler

This is taken from the Japan Open this year, I don't think Kenichi is very amused.

108-shots rally mens singles with Tien Minh Nguyen (VIETNAM) vs. Jan O Jorgensen (DENMARK)

This is probably one of the longest rally in recorded badminton in singles, a total of 108 shots between Tien Minh Nguyen (VIETNAM) and Jan O Jorgensen (DENMARK) ... at MATCH POINT! During the BWF Wor...

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